About Us

About Us

A non-governmental, non-profit organization

The Yassin Amuji Foundation aims to:

  • Ensuring effective and speedy humanitarian aid in cases of emergencies and natural disasters at the national level;
  • Ensuring rights to food security and food sovereignty for the population;
  • Encouragement of local development initiatives, seeking to guarantee the self-sustainability of the most needy populations;
  • Promotion of social actions and campaigns aimed at the protection of natural resources, marine and terrestrial biodiversity, as well as promoting their use and sustainable management;
  • Promotion and support for initiatives by rural and urban communities, aiming at social, economic and cultural development;
Yassin Amuji Foundation

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The Yassin Amuji Foundation has its headquarters in Vilankulo, Inhambane Province, which may be changed by resolution of the General Assembly.

Our Headquarters

The Yassin Amuji Foundation is nationwide and may, through deliberation and decision by the Board, establish partnerships with agents, organizations and international partners, and may even open delegations anywhere in the country or abroad.

Our Scope

The Yassin Amuji Foundation is independent of any form of party, political, ideological and / or religious control.

The Yassin Amuji Foundation abides by the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Rights of Women and Children in the same terms ratified by the country.

Our Principles
Our team


The Yassin Amuji Foundation has a young and dynamic team spread throughout the national territory.

Yassin Amuji

General Manager

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